Best Coatings

Prime Coating

Most of the powder coating we apply is generally considered a decorative coat and doesn’t offer a great deal of protection for the substrate when used outdoors.

Manufacturers of outdoor items such as playgrounds, furniture, lighting or components, have a few options to improve the outdoor performance of their work by using metals more suitable for outdoor use, by using precoated metals, by sandblasting, by galvanising, zinc plating, E-coating or by specifying chemical pre-treatments prior to the application of the coloured powder coat finish.

In addition to these options, we can apply zinc based epoxy powder primer ideally over sandblasted parts, before applying the finish colour coat to improve the service life of steel or aluminium when used outdoors.

In addition to being less porous than typical polyester powder coatings, this powder primer acts much like any layer of zinc applied over steel would by being offering itself as sacrificial coating that will be consumed in preference to the steel substrate.

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